Baku Street

Baku Street is the restaurant of homemade Azerbaijani cuisine in Nizhny Novgorod.

If you would like to have a tasty meal, to have a good time, and to enjoy nice and incredibly friendly atmosphere, we are glad to welcome you in our restaurant!

Business Lunch

Business Lunch

Business lunch for 280 rubles
Homemade Cuisine

Homemade Cuisine

Azerbaijani cuisine and barbecue
We work for you every day

We work for you every day

from 10:00 till 23:00


Our Interiors

The Baku Street Restaurant is located in the city center close to a very convenient road junction, which makes it a perfect place to meet your friends and family. Moreover, our restaurant offers great opportunities for banquets, celebration of birthdays, or corporate occasions. The environment and atmosphere of our restaurant will impress each and every guest! What do you think is the most important thing about a restaurant? Of course, fresh and tasty meals you order. That is why we buy the best and freshest ingredients for our dishes.


Azerbaijani Cuisine

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Especially for you our chefs have developed a unique menu based on the ancient traditional recipes of the Azerbaijani cuisine. We have collected many recipes from the elders and during home parties, which gives the meals a homemade flair, generous portions and exquisite flavor. Delightful taste, Caucasian hospitality, cozy atmosphere with pleasant music, and attentive servicing - we offer all of it for quite moderate prices in Nizhny Novgorod.

We are glad to offer you our food delivery service if you would like to celebrate a holiday at home and to surprise your guests with delicious kebabs or any other dishes of ours. Choose any dishes for at least 400 rubles to order food delivery. For those who do not have much time for a lunch we are eager to offer a business lunch for 280 rubles - you will be delighted with the size of helpings.

We work for you 24-7-365. Be our guest and enjoy our exquisite cuisine and our hospitality. We are always glad to see you!

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